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Long Tail Keywords

Learn how to search and find hundreds of long tail keywords that are able to generate more traffic.

SERP Analysis

Find keyword authority metrics, ranking factors, domain and page age, and much more all at a glance.

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Accurate Search Volumes

Keyword research and analysis are essential to the continued success of your SEO goals. Get accurate keyword data in an instant.

Organize, Group & Export

Start producing better results by grouping your efforts into project lists for later extractions.

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SEO Difficulty Tool

Real time calculation for keyword difficulty score lets you focus your SEO efforts and enables you to write content about keywords that will really rank. Save time by cutting out keywords that are less likely to rank.

Aiming for the right range of competition for your website or blog will give you the edge in producing content that ranks on the first page of Google, thus generating more traffic.

Advanced Links Profile

Know exactly how much link building you’ll need to do to get ranked on Google’s glorious page 1. Analyze your competitors’ top backlinks and spot weak ones so you can fill the gap and climb the rank ladder.

Get the average referring domains for all ranked pages for any keyword with one click. Easily prepare your content & link plan accordingly.

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Content Quality Score

The less content quality score the competition has, the more chance you have to produce better content and provide real value for your audience. SEMScoop’s keyword tool reveals an estimate for the required content length to rank on Google page one.

Get direct insights for keyword focus and usage on your competitors’ ranked pages so you can optimize your content to stand out in the eyes of Google.

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35,000+ customers in 195 countries use SEMScoop Keyword Tool.

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How SEMScoop Keyword Tool Works

Everything in one place to start your next website.

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Evaluate Missed Opportunities

Start scratching the surface that long tail keywords live under. Low SEO difficulty keywords are true hidden gems and you can discover as many as you want if you are looking from the right angle. Here at SEMScoop, we are committed to giving you the means to dig through and transform all of your efforts into a real ROI.

Get Search Volume Data

Search volume is one of the most essential parts of the keyword research process. It allows you to identify all the potential traffic you can generate, and saves you time and effort by making sure that you only target keywords that people actually use.
SEMScoop allows you to see keywords search volume for any geographical location.

SEMScoop Features

Find below more reasons to choose and use SEMScoop:

Keyword Difficulty Score

Search Volume & CPC Data

SERP & Links Profile

Social Signals

Content Analysis

Sort Out The Right Keywords

Import External Keyword List

Save Your Work Data

Blazing Fast Results

Amazing Friendly Interface

and so much more...

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35,000+ customers in more than 195 countries use SEMScoop Keyword Tool.


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