website keywords

Why Search Volume Is Important for Finding the Best Website Keywords for SEO

Collectively, humans search Google a staggering 40,000 times per second. But not all searches are created equal. Some keywords, such as “how to dispose of a dead body,” are rarely used (or so we hope). While others, such as “cash me outside meme” were–at least for a brief period–among the most popular on Earth (thankfully that fad has since resided). Known as “keyword search volume,” understanding this metric is a crucial part of any SEO strategy. Without it, you’d be taking a stab in [...]

keyword difficulty

SEO Basics: What Is Keyword Difficulty and Why Is It Important?

It’s not hard to compile a list of keywords that you want to use on your website. By using these keywords, you hope that they will help your website rank better. But keywords aren’t created equal, nor do they have the same effect on your SEO results. So which keywords should you use to get your content to rank higher on search engines? It’s no secret that search engine optimization (SEO) has risen to prominence. In its wake, something known as [...]