Use Most Searched Keywords to Rank Higher on SERP

Do you know what is the first step you need to take in order to get your website in the first place on the SERP? Well, it is nothing but optimizing your website around the most searched keywords that are right for your business. Finding the most searched keywords for your business is no doubt a true art. SEO along with the search engines have changed a lot in the last decade. Even today, Google, the most used search engine in the [...]

Channel Description helps YouTube

YouTube Channel Keywords – Rank your Videos Higher on YouTube

Videos are no more a nice-to-use marketing technique, instead, they have become a necessary part of a good digital marketing strategy. In the last few years, an increase in video consumption has greatly influenced the purchasing decisions of consumers. According to a study by Cisco, quality video content can help you in increasing your sales by up to 80%. In a 2016 research report of Brightcove, they have mentioned that: 46% of customers say that they have actually made a purchase [...]


How to Perform a SERP Analysis to Find Low-Difficulty Keywords

In SEO, the most difficult part is to analyze the SERP and acquire a skill that can rank your website in the top 10 websites on Google for your selected keyword. The #1 thing you need to do to rank a website is keyword research. However, unfortunately, most people fail at this very step as they pick keywords with the high competition that are very difficult to rank a website for. No website can stand without a strong backbone. And that [...]


How to See Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads

So, folks, we are back again with some cool and amazing stuff which you would definitely want to know and try.  In the modern world, everything is seemingly progressing by leaps and bounds every day and whole new opportunities come around to hug you and take you to the higher level of success.  Social media and marketing are one of the biggest trends to boost your business and generate more amount of income over the internet as it is one of [...]

Powerful Multimedia Content

Trigger Words and Phrases for Powerful Multimedia Content

It is one of the most widely known fact that while producing any kind of content and presenting the whole of it in front of the world, you have to be aware of the things which are more trending in the ever-changing world. Simply, You can say that the keywords are the backbone of every useful and indulging content posted over the internet on your website to promote your business to the widest range you can imagine. Trigger Words and Phrases are [...]


Google Trends For Keyword Research – (2019 Updated)

Our whole life is revolving around the internet as it is one of the most influential and beneficial inventions of the century. This has provided us with an extreme amount of accessibility and knowledge of all sorts of things which are known to man till now. Hundreds of thousands of the people every second are surfing on the internet and searching new or relevant stuff to their task. This gives everyone the opportunity to outreach every targeted customer relevant to their business on a [...]


Top 20 Effective Keyword Research Methods [Works Great In 2019]

The first thing that hits our mind when we launch our own website, blog site, or mobile app is ENDLESS ORGANIC TRAFFIC. Right? I still remember the shine in my eyes when I received my first 150K users on my website. 🙂 I was so excited to see the upsurging organic traffic and the improved SEO ranking – all possible because of one magical element. The secret sauce that I drove on and surpassed the competition in the market, and enjoyed the limelight [...]


Top Sneaky Types of Duplicate Content – What Your Audience Won’t Like?

The internet is stuffed with loads of data which is innumerable to be calculated or searched in a matter of time. We all know… There are millions of types of data on a similar topic surfacing all over the internet and have different kinds of information about the same or relevant topic. As it is a fact that the keywords in a content allow the content to rank higher in the search results and gathers a better organic traffic which is beneficial for [...]

Keyword Rank Checkers

Top 3 Best Bulk Keyword Rank Checkers (2019 Updated List)

Who doesn’t want their site to generate more traffic, be easily discover able and also have the best content which indulges the readers or the customers who visit these sites? To gain such amount of traffic, which may be organic or inorganic, makes the website a more profitable platform to generate income. It is a known fact that in order to generate more indulging content you definitely need the specified keywords which can help you to trigger the right set of words [...]


Does HTTPS Matters to Your SEO Results? – Importance of HTTPS

You definitely know that search engine optimization is considered to be the core elements of ranking a site higher in the search engine and gain a hefty amount of organic traffic on it. Do you know? According to various researches, there is a vital sign that if a site holds an HTTP protocol, and surely it is safe. It directly affects the ranking of the website in a more positive manner. As Google has foretold at various interventions that they are shifting the whole [...]