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What Does SEO Stand For In Marketing?

Digital marketers widely use SEO in marketing to boost their ranking on the SERP. You can find the complex and technological explanation for what does SEO stand for in marketing everywhere. Let’s try to simplify it so it is understandable by a common man who is not an IT wizard. 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process in which you design your website or webpage in such a way that it appears higher on the search engines like Google and Bing.

There are various methods of optimizing your website to increase its ranking in search engines. By attracting traffic to your website you increase your sales and increase a customer base. 

So, SEO is the basic and most important factor to incorporate into your marketing tactics blend. Marketing has come a long way in the past decade. With the introduction of digital marketing, the whole landscape of marketing for businesses has revolutionized. 

Marketers are always looking for new ways to promote their brand. The use of SEO earlier meant bombarding your website with links and keywords, however, this has changed, and now more user-friendly and quality content approaches attract the consumers.

In 2019, Brightedge issued a report that can get you maximum relevant traffic. It suggested that SEO was on the top of that list. SEO is the must-have tool for any marketer in the modern and advanced world of marketing.

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What Does SEO Stand For In Marketing: Strategies and Advantages

SEO has multiple advantages that it provides you in terms of marketing our product. Below are a few ways in which SEO is used in marketing. All of the below strategies help you strengthen your marketing skills. Using these techniques helps you establish a strong user base that is loyal to your webpage and will help you increase your sales.

Search Engine Friendly CMS

A content management system or CMS that is search engine friendly should be used. Let me break this down for you. Google or any other search engines has an inbuilt mechanism. They use bots or crawlers (fancy technical terms) to find any website, index the content, and then rank it.

So you need to make sure that your website is detectable or accessible by these crawlers or you won’t make it into the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). This is the most important step to market your product. To make sure that Google crawls and indexes your website, you need to take a few steps.

what does seo stand for in marketingOne is the use of technical SEO. It slightly changes your website’s technical requirements but moreover, it means that your site remains visible and is loaded properly. Another thing is to use a CMS like WordPress. It allows you to use free plugins like SEO by Yoast or All in One SEO which adds tags and meta description to your webpage and helps in indexing.


The use of correct and relevant keywords in your content makes it rank higher in search engines. However, this does not mean that you just load your content with keywords without any consistency. Keywords have a positive impact on search engines. 

Balance the keywords in your content in proper proportion to make your content valuable. Analyze the appropriate keyword for your content by searching top relevant websites and related businesses. Additionally, you can use google’s keyword planner to choose the most popular keywords.


First and foremost research content strategies proposed by different search engines. Your content strategy must be accepted by SOE. Make sure to identify the correct content that is useful for the website. This will get your recommendations from users and popular websites.

Another factor to be considered is the originality and creativeness of the content. New, out of the box content is appreciated by clients and ranks your content higher in search engines. You can design your content by keeping in mind the need of your consumers and addressing their issues. Use the necessary keywords and introduce innovation via your content.

Optimized Website

Make sure your website is user friendly and loads fast. A website with heavy designs takes a lot of time to load and run and users lose interest in them. Try to fix the broken links and troubleshoot error codes. The more up to date and optimized your website it the more users it will attract.

Back Links

A backlink is a hyperlink that relates your website to other websites. Backlinks are an important factor in the SEO marketing strategy. They suggest to the search engines that your website is worth something because it is used as a reference by others. 

There are types of backlinks as well and all are not equally valuable. Websites that are trustworthy and related to your business are the best option for backlinks. You must have business partners that are suitable for these requirements. You can promote each other’s products or feature one another in your blogs.

Another way to get backlinks from your business partners is by getting them to feature your website in their Our Partners section. These backlinks are like a vote of confidence from other websites. Google has its complex algorithm to determine the value of any link. It has nothing to do with bog commenting, press releases, or article marketing. These are discontinued and devalued approaches that harm your site.

It is important to keep in mind that good, original sites will link to trustworthy sites and dishonest sites will link to the ones like them. So the most important factors in link building are establishing links from respected websites, brand awareness, and audience satisfaction.

Increased Audience

Thousands of people use google for multiple queries. To be exact 67000 people use Google every second. So when you use SEO you are improving your marketing strategy by the second and increasing your consumer pool exponentially.

Without SEO it is very unlikely that people will even see your website, forget sales. When you market your products or services by SEO you are projecting yourself to a huge user base. This increases the chances of prospect interested customers.

SEO helps in increasing organic trafficOrganic Searches

SEO helps your business by getting it more visibility in the search engines. It is important to understand that your webpage is among the first page of the SERP. The reason behind this is that 90% of the users do not look past the first page of results for there queries. 

Now there are 2 types of search results, organic and paid. SEO mainly focuses on organic search results. Although paid search results appear higher on the SERP however, they are very costly and you will need to pay every time a person clicks on your ad. 

Also, it has been reported that 70% of the users click on organic search results instead of the paid ones. Make sure that your website appears on the organic searches to market your products to a wide range of audiences. To do so you need to use the above-mentioned strategies in SEO marketing.

Modern Shopping Habits

With new trends constantly being introduced in the market, shopping habits of consumers and even businesses are changing day by day. Search engines are a critical route to shopping even if you are not an online business. 

As per recent surveys, 80% of the consumers research a product online before the purchase. Also, it is important to mention that almost half the users discover a new product or even a company. So this is the reason that SEO is a very important marketing tool.

It does not matter if you are a brick made store or an eCommerce store, SEO is very crucial to your business. It has the power to increase your sales and generate unprecedented revenue for the company. SEO has been integrated into marketing due to advanced shopping practices.

Algorithm Updates

When you are a marketer you know that market strategies and sales patterns are updated from time to time. With digital marketing that process is even faster than the traditional market place trends. With continued updates and new software, search engine rankings are constantly updating.

In 2104, Google introduced Penguin and Panda algorithms that revolutionalized the use of SEO. This means that SEO has changed in favor of content marketing as now it rewards good content over old tactics like link building and spam search results have been visibly reduced.

Use of Social Media

If you have a social media user base that is an additional advantage for you. You can always boost your brand and drive traffic to your website before SEO starts to kick in. This works as a useful supplement to the SEO ventures.

SEO takes some time to get you high rankings. It is a technical and time-consuming process so you can share your blogs or products via social media channels. This helps you get an idea of how the users respond to your page and you can make all the necessary adjustments before getting the organic traffic.

Mobile VS Desktop

SEO in marketing has another aspect which is quite important these days. It is the use of mobile to access the website. Around half of your customers access your website via mobile. This is the point where many companies fail to pay attention and that cost them half the sales.

The problem with using a mobile is that it is not very easy for phones to take up as much load as a desktop. So normally websites crash when being used in a mobile phone and leave the consumer irritated. So what you need to do is optimize your website for mobile use as well.

Constant Monitoring

Like any other marketing strategy SEO also needs ongoing monitoring. You need to track the success of SEO to make sure if it is working for you. For that purpose, you need a constant eye on the lookout. It is important for you, in order to make suitable changes and attract more and more consumers. 

For example, you wrote an original a witty piece of your content but never checked how popular was it among the users or if it targeted the right people. You need to monitor the traffic it attracts so you will be able to know whether you used the right keywords or whether it appealed to the target audience or not.

The information you get from monitoring your content and your marketing tools is sure to get you success. You can do that yourself but it needs a basic understanding of SEO so it is better if you get a professional to get it done.


If you are still with us and reading along with the whole blog you must have understood What Does SEO Stand For In Marketing? How does it work? What strategies are the most useful and what are its advantages in marketing? In short, you have a summary of what an SEO stands for in marketing.

SO no matter what business you have, what industry you are associated with, or the size of your business. In this modern era, with the internet, people are looking for brands every day rather every second. With SEO in your marketing strategy consumers are more likely to stumble upon your brand sooner than later.

SEO can be very complex especially if you are new digital marketing. Just be determined and also get help from professionals if you want but once you are in the flow there will be no stopping you from success. 

The addition of an SEO tool to your marketing toolbox is a very intelligent and long term policy. It is the most popular and effective method nowadays. These days SEO is to marketing what the soul is to body so keep innovating and keep learning!


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